Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Beauty Regimen: Girl Next Door - Victoria Reis

1.Favorite Champagne by Yves Saint Laurent

2.Drink Liters of Water and cleansing daily to stay healthy and for your skin.La Prairie Complex Moisturizer work wonders to excentuate your natural glow.

For body I recommend Bio Oil which I am using plenty of at the moment and Natural Coco butter. If you ever have a baby and concerned about potential stretch marks get the hard raw coco butter and pop it in the microwave with some olive oil create a mask over your tummy and leave for a few hours. Really helps you skin moisturize and prepare for stretching and shrinking!

3.Have to agree with Divya on this one "Indian hair oil" Work wonders. If you can invest in a home steamer giving your hair regular steam treatments with plenty natural oils and avocado will help repair split ends and provide a healthy glow.

4.Long hot bath, Some Hagendaz Ice cream pralines and cream (if theres no hagendaz ben and jerrys cookie dough will do the trick), and to top it off a nice long evening snuggle with the husband ;-)

5.Less is more. Indian Kohl eyeliner, Dior Mascara, Loose powder bronzer (from Mac), Cherry pink Tender Lip Balm from Ester lauder (the non sticky stuff is always the best). For my wedding thats all I used and the pictures came out amazing, no regrets!

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