Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Beauty Regimen: Girl next door - Randy Lange

1.What is the one must have fragrance a girl should have?

Puma Create for Woman ( even the Bottle looks great )

2.What do you use to help keep your skin healthy and soft?

Cocoa butter, it is really smooth and keeps your skin firm and smells good ;) It especially helps for people with dry skin or who are trying to keep their skin moisturized all day.

3.What are the essential hair products to keep your manes looking silky and fresh?

If you have curls, straight or even a mix- I suggest TRESemme.
They have all kinds of Products. If I am wearing my hair straight I used "smooth and silky"- it helps to keep your hair straight and is easier to straighten. Or if you have curley hair try the curly one, it will define your curls and add more bounce. :) it works!!!
Always buy the shampoo WITH conditioner, I firmly believe Conditioner is what really makes the difference.


4.What is the one thing you do to relax after a long and stressful day?

Take a hot shower, wrap myself in a big towel, lie on my bed and watch a movie or listen to music... hehhe

5.What is your favorite make-up to use to have a popping and lasting effect? (foundation, eye-makeup, lip stuff etc.)

Mascara, Eyeliner, Blush and Clear Lipgloss. Keeping the focus on the eyes gives a clean look as well as mesmerizing. Keeping the lips a neutral color makes the make-up look light and not as if one was trying too hard...
Blush makes your cheekbones pop and shapes your face nicely without plastic surgery. ;)

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