Tuesday, July 20, 2010

fashion rut!!

Have you ever been caught in a fashion rut? Have there been times when you look in your wardrobe and simply cannot find anything to wear? Despite the numerous garments that are sadly staring at you. This can be a depressing and painful time; you search thoroughly but some of your clothes have been completely over worn; some are tedious and embarrassingly outdated. You attempt to come out of the same routine of wearing the same clothes but you end up repeating the cycle.

It would be great to have a different stunning and chic outfit for everyday of the year. We dream of piecing together clothes by the likes of Gucci and Salvatore Ferregamo but this is not a reality for the average woman who works a nine to five job and gets paid a measly minimum wage. Don’t despair as yet because something can be done and it can be done on a budget that will not tear holes in your pockets.

There is a simple fashionable strategy and it involves a good pair of jeans, a little black dress, a white shirt and an eye-catching pair of heels. If one owns these key pieces they can be shuffled around with color, accessories and sharpening textures.

To clarify on the example of buying a good pair of jeans - a good pair of jeans can be bought as a good and worthy investment because they can be worn for years. Jeans from internationally acclaimed fashion labels such as True Religion and Diesel are simply worth it. The only thing one will need to do is add different tops like shirts, blouses and camisoles from reasonable shops such as H&M, TopShop or Mr. Price.

Bringing in long-term garments with short-term garments is the way forward as this means mixing expensive clothes with reasonably priced or cheap pieces. This idea works as one does not always have to concentrate on always buying simple key parts for an outfit. Once you already have the important building structure to your outfit such as the heels or a black dress you can build up by attaching the fashion forward and ‘in’ pieces of that time.

It is not always necessary to fill your wardrobe only with cheap clothes because quality is always better than quantity, so make sure to mix it up as much as you can. By doing so your wardrobe will be left looking interesting and this will also help in assisting you with keeping in the margins of your budget.

Follow suit with this effortless approach to fashion and you will forever find your way out of the rut!