Sunday, December 11, 2011

african print on footwear *love

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Beauty Regimen: Girl next door - Jade Van Blerk

Jade likes to use a fragance that's non-synthetic and she uses ponds for her face. She also drinks water to keep her hair and skin glowing.

She drinks a glass of wine to unwind and loves sushi.Bronzer from the body shop and vaseline for her lips are used to finish off her look.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nicki Minaj poised

LOVE the white Ipod Touch *pretty

Beauty Regimen: Girl next door: Anthea

1.What is the one must have fragrance a girl should have?

Anthea uses Gucci to smell good.

2.What do you use to help keep your skin healthy and soft?

Peeling and face cream keeps her skin moist and fresh

3.What are the essential hair products tokeep your manes looking silky and fresh?

She uses l'oreal proudcts.

4.What is the one thing you do to relax after a long and stressful day?

Sleep is the most important thing for her

Annalynne McCord looking summery and bronzed up with a sleek hair do ... *bliss

Beauty Regimen: Girl next door - Stefani Castiel

Stefani uses coco mademoiselle chanel to keep her smelling divine and uses
kiehls ultra facial moistruizer & kiehls midnight recovery concentrate serum to keep her face looking young and fresh.

The body shop banana shampoo & conditioner leaves her manes looking beautiful as well as the kiehls superbly smoothing argan hair pak.

She loves to snuggle with her dogs while reading a good book and lastly
she often uses a tinted moistruizer & clarins eclate minute embelliseur levres in reflet rose.

Braided : loving Solange Knowles' braids

Beauty Regimen : Girl Next Door - Dineo Kekana

1.What is the one must have fragrance a girl should have?

My personal fav Chanel Mademoiselle, you can never go wrong or run at a loss with compliments

2.What do you use to help keep your skin healthy and soft?

I always apply bio oil before I sleep or on days that I'm not wearing make-up. And I apply a home made mask at the beginning and end of every month. I also NEVER sleep with make-up on.

3.What are the essential hair products to keep your manes looking silky and fresh?

Well shampoos: I use a mixed remedy of Head and Shoulders, Olive oil shampoo and Pantene. It balances out what I want and leaves my hair smelling great. (I wash my hair every 2weeks)
For my hair to remain healthy I apply olive oil hair food once after my wash and that remains till my next wash.

4.What is the one thing you do to relax after a long and stressful day?
I watch cartoons #hides!!! Lol or I play Playstation. Gym would be a good idea, so to kill my guilt for not going I eat plenty of fruits and drink water.

5.What is your favorite make-up to use to have a popping and lasting effect? (foundation, eye-makeup, lip stuff etc.)

Maybeline eyeliner(!!) For my eyes when I need them to pop, my mascara by Estée Lauder to finish off my look and the amazing gloss for just simple and shimmery healthy looking lips... seeing that I'm not one of lip stick and funnies on my lips, I love drawing the attention to my eyes because those are my favourite facial assets. But I'm tempted to start playing around with my lips.
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Talk that Talk

Rihanna brings out a hit album once again, with tracks such as "we found love" and "you da one" .... go get a copy, you will definitely enjoy it

Beauty Regimen: Girl Next Door - Ngozi Chukwu

1.What is the one must have fragrance a girl should have?

For an evening out it would be narciso rodriquez (for her)
During the day a floral fragrance like flower bomb by viktor and rolf is just perfect and lasts all day!
Nothing worse than perfumes that need constant touching up.

2.What do you use to help keep your skin healthy and soft?

Fragrance and soap free is the key.
I also realised that expensive doesn't always mean good.

Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel for combination skin as well as garnier skin naturals pure long lasting shine control moisturiser help reduce oily t-zones.

Wash with soap free gel- I use a gingko and cucumber one from rival de loop.

Twice a week I exfoliate with l'oreal expert skin renewer and cleanse using cliniques clarifying lotion from the 3step range.

The body shop tea tree oil is good against spots especially when applied overnight. Just a tiny drop does the trick.

Most important-lots of water! Simple, cheap and works wonders.

3.What are the essential hair products to keep your manes looking silky and fresh?

Goldwell kerasilk shampoo leaves my hair feeling soft even before conditioning.
Tresemme conditioner with vit E or herbal essences frizz buster conditioner are both good. Let this sit for about 20mins before combing with a wide tooth comb and washing out

Once a week I have a steam treatment using Africa's best hair mayonnaise
Castor and olive oil applied on scalp and hair tips keep manes looking healthy.

4.What is the one thing you do to relax after a long and stressful day?

Have some jasmine tea-i got these lovely jasmine pearls from a dim sum restaurant called ping pong. AMAZING.

5)What is your favorite make-up to use to have a popping and lasting effect? (foundation, eye-makeup, lip stuff etc.)

Most make up I use is by mac, bobbi brown and agnes b.
Girl about town lipstick is the most eye popping colour ever. Use the magenta lip liner though to avoid lipstick bleeding.

Bobbi browns long last gel eyeliner is easy to apply and comes in all fantastic colours.
I love the mascara by clinique-does separate and lengthen those lashes.

Touche eclat helps hide any blemishes or dark circles after a previous long night out.

Beauty Regimen : Girl next door - Divya Zeiss

Divya uses fragrance DnG one ( the one for men) and nivea lotion to moisturise her body.

She also uses indian oil at night and dances in her room to keep fit.
A simple eye linger and nude lipstsick keeps her looking young and fresh

Beauty Regimen: Girl next door - Randy Lange

1.What is the one must have fragrance a girl should have?

Puma Create for Woman ( even the Bottle looks great )

2.What do you use to help keep your skin healthy and soft?

Cocoa butter, it is really smooth and keeps your skin firm and smells good ;) It especially helps for people with dry skin or who are trying to keep their skin moisturized all day.

3.What are the essential hair products to keep your manes looking silky and fresh?

If you have curls, straight or even a mix- I suggest TRESemme.
They have all kinds of Products. If I am wearing my hair straight I used "smooth and silky"- it helps to keep your hair straight and is easier to straighten. Or if you have curley hair try the curly one, it will define your curls and add more bounce. :) it works!!!
Always buy the shampoo WITH conditioner, I firmly believe Conditioner is what really makes the difference.

4.What is the one thing you do to relax after a long and stressful day?

Take a hot shower, wrap myself in a big towel, lie on my bed and watch a movie or listen to music... hehhe

5.What is your favorite make-up to use to have a popping and lasting effect? (foundation, eye-makeup, lip stuff etc.)

Mascara, Eyeliner, Blush and Clear Lipgloss. Keeping the focus on the eyes gives a clean look as well as mesmerizing. Keeping the lips a neutral color makes the make-up look light and not as if one was trying too hard...
Blush makes your cheekbones pop and shapes your face nicely without plastic surgery. ;)

Beauty Regimen: Girl Next Door - Victoria Reis

1.Favorite Champagne by Yves Saint Laurent

2.Drink Liters of Water and cleansing daily to stay healthy and for your skin.La Prairie Complex Moisturizer work wonders to excentuate your natural glow.

For body I recommend Bio Oil which I am using plenty of at the moment and Natural Coco butter. If you ever have a baby and concerned about potential stretch marks get the hard raw coco butter and pop it in the microwave with some olive oil create a mask over your tummy and leave for a few hours. Really helps you skin moisturize and prepare for stretching and shrinking!

3.Have to agree with Divya on this one "Indian hair oil" Work wonders. If you can invest in a home steamer giving your hair regular steam treatments with plenty natural oils and avocado will help repair split ends and provide a healthy glow.

4.Long hot bath, Some Hagendaz Ice cream pralines and cream (if theres no hagendaz ben and jerrys cookie dough will do the trick), and to top it off a nice long evening snuggle with the husband ;-)

5.Less is more. Indian Kohl eyeliner, Dior Mascara, Loose powder bronzer (from Mac), Cherry pink Tender Lip Balm from Ester lauder (the non sticky stuff is always the best). For my wedding thats all I used and the pictures came out amazing, no regrets!

Beauty Regimen : girl next door Yura Qaini

1.Favorite perfume is Gucci by Gucci

2.Daily skin regime, twice a day. Cleanser, toner, moisturiser and eye cream. I've been using Clinique's 3 step system since I was 16, and its done wonders to my skin :)

3.Don't use that many products in my hair. I use a heat protector for my hair before styling, and a leave in conditioner if I'm not too lazy!

4.I would love to have a massage at the end of every day, but I suppose just relax in front of the tv and a nap.

5.Face primer before foundation (MACs prep and prime SPF50)and an eye primer (UDPP or Too Faced Shadow Insurance) before any eye make up is pretty important, but not so much the face primer for me at least.
A light powdering after foundation to keep the foundation looking flawless (MACs Natural MSF or Estee Lauder loose powder). Definitely after any eye makeup, a pop of eyeliner on the upper lash line and waterline does the trick of popping those eyes, and mascara.

Monday, September 26, 2011

fashion comes alive

Fashion comes alive when you wear that dress, those shoes, those stylish sunglasses, those jeans :).We are what we wear and the clothes we put on make us and mould us. Fashion is a lifestyle, it's the air you breathe and it is just like the blood that circulates your body. Fashion, fashion, fashion ... It comes alive

jessie j .... a star is born

Former song-writer, Jessie J is blooming as a solo artist, from her debut single "do it like a dude" to "price tag' she has been rapidly rising to the top, her strong voice is what has a captured the world as well as her unique style (heavy eye make-up and creative outfits). She has come into her own and is getting a whole lot of recognition.

Keep your ears peeled for more of her music as she is simply talented

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quote of the day -----> "…to hip hop. I loved you, I still do…and I always will." ... From the movie Brown Sugar starring Sanaa Lathan and Taye Diggs

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Footsteps to art - Christian Louboutin

Having started his shoe empire in 1991; in France(the fashion mecca), Mr. Louboutin has managed to lure women around the globe into wearing both artistic and classic footwear. His unique designs have surprised a mass number of people and his talent has been recognized.

Since 1992 his shoes have had the signature red sole and this is a stamp to show that you are wearing quality Louboutin shoes. This man has been able to bring back the stiletto, varying from different heights of 120mm and higher. He also designs shoes for men but is mostly recognized for designing shoes for women.

One can find his shoes worldwide, in stores like Harrods in England and little boutiques in South Africa.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

DSTV needs to come up with a new system!

African satellite network must focus on fixing their system. After so much anticipation for the MTV MUSIC VIDEO AWARDs performances are delayed and the advertisements shown are repeated. Frustration at its best!


The most anticipated show of the year is back with a bang, stars bring out their most creative side. Rumours are settled and celebrities dress to impress and most of all the performances will be the most talked about.

Beyonce confirms pregnancy

Beautiful Beyonce stirs a frenzy when she announces her pregnancy. For many years the world has wished this upon her and finally it's happened; husband Jay Z must be over the moon as well as the rest of the Knowles family. Exciting news for the globe!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

open your eyes and dare to be mesmerised

It has been a minute :) sweetandsour101 will be coming out with new, exciting,fresh new posts on your latest fashion,music and entertainment!!! ... We live by our motto 'taste the entertainment' ... We literally force feed you :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

amy winehouse - gone too soon

Her unique voice, her style, her passion was all effortless. No other artists will ever match up to what she ever did; at 27 she left all this behind. The fast life took a toll her; drug abuse was part of her life and this controlled her immensely.

Friday, June 24, 2011

African Music is the new thing!

Africa is rapidly bringing out talented artists that are taking over the music industry on a worldwide scale. Artists like Teargas, Dbanj, Wizkid, Naeto C and L'tido etc. are bringing forth a whole new dimension with music that represents them personally as well as Africa. They all have flair and swag! Many who are are hearing thsi music should be glad to be experiencing this beautiful era and should be proud that Africa is finally making a big mark musically.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Upcoming Event: New Jack City Presents Nadia Nakai edition

Monde Dube presents NEW JACK CITY the Nadia Nakai Edition!!
Directed by Obrien Manana

Come through to the Basement at Capitol rosebank on the 27th of May!!!
On the Decks!
Dj Zee, Dj Hudson, Dj OZ and many more!!
Perofrmances by
Morale, Sean Pages, (the birthday girl) Nadia Nakai, Sisanda the lady Ripa, Metropolitan Kingz and the Spazashop Boyz

Lets Gooo!!!! Ch-Chyeah!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Beauty of Music

Hey guys listen to upcoming artist SoundsofSybil her music is breathtaking, soothing and her classic voice will give you goosebumps.

Check the official website :

My love for shoes is unexplainable!

I dream, I breath shoes and I live for them ... The shapes, the styles, the patterns , the heels, the wedges, I love them all. My love for shoes is unexplainable, it's beyond this world. When I run into a shoe I burst my budget for, I feel good, I SHOE-GASM!! Sometimes I wonder if this is normal but this is all I know :)