Monday, September 15, 2008

M.I.A - "legend in the making"

British/Sri Lankan singer,producer,songwriter and visual artist M.I.A (Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam) is truely a "legend in the making".Her uniqueness,creativity and political side have led to her making music that is both different and enjoyable. She addresses worldy issues with a flare of humour and M.I.A has the ability to draw attention with her retro multi-coloured clothes.

Her debut album Arular which was released in 2005 recieved a lot attention. The individuality of this album came from the mixture of dancehall,hip-hop,electro and punk music. This cocktail of sound made celebrities such as Nas and Gwen Stefani (who she toured with in 2005) notice her.

Her second album Kala released in 2007 was very much controversial because she came about it with a hard hitting,realistic approach to problems facing the world. In this album she added other genres such as soca and rave.

What makes most people love and appreciate M.I.A is that she is a humanitarian at heart.She has been very outspoken when it comes to talking about the relationship between the first and third world.

M.I.A is what's hot, sweet, hip and happening right now!

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